Quality and standards For Linked Business School, as for all other Schools, these responsibilities are fulfilled through:

1- The approval of new programmes and awards by the University's Postgraduate Studies Committee.
2- Representation on University committees, including the Quality, Enhancement and Standards Committee.
3- A process of internal review, which involves a detailed scrutiny and assessment of the quality of Linked Business School programmes, the quality of academic and administrative systems and of the student experience.. 

4- A process of annual monitoring and review, which ensures that Linked Business School programmes continue in good health.  
5- An assessment and examination process that is governed by University-approved regulations and involves a board of examiners to ensure that every assessment is at an appropriate standard. External examiners sit on the board and are responsible for ensuring that the assessment procedures are conducted in accordance with the regulations and that the standards of assessment are appropriate, fair and comparable with other institutions..

6- Processes for obtaining and reviewing student feedback on all aspects of our programmes; the views of students are particularly important to LBS as we believe that these provide one of the truest indicators of quality. The vast majority of student feedback is very favourable, particularly with regard to the flexibility offered by Linked Business School programmes..