Linked Business School Fellowship demonstrates a personal and institutional commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education. Across Six categories, from Diploma , Advanced Diploma , Pre Master , to MBA , comes the Fellowship to provide individuals with recognition of their practice, impact and leadership of Business Administration . LBS Fellowships are embedded in the UK and have been adopted by increasing numbers of higher education institutions globally, from the UK and MENA .

Fellowship brings you a range of benefits:

Consolidates personal development and evidence of professional practice in your higher education career;

Provides a valuable measure of success and is increasingly recognized by international institutions;

Demonstrates commitment to teaching, learning and the student experience, through engagement in a practical process that encourages research, reflection and development;

Fellowship is increasingly sought by employers across the education sector as a condition of appointment and promotion;

To get your Fellowship Degree, You need to finish your Master of Business Administration, and then finish a general research of Business Administration.

In most cases we do not impose strict limits on word count or page number. We do, however, strongly encourage authors to write concisely and to adhere to the guidelines below.

Reseaches should ideally be no more than 50 typeset pages in length and not less than 40 typest pages in length. The maximum Article title length is 20 words. The Abstract — which must be no more than 200 words long and contain no references — should serve both as a general introduction to the topic and as a brief, non-technical summary of the main results and their implications.

For the main body of the text, there are no explicit requirements for section organization. According to the authors' preference, the text may be organized as best suits the research.